Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Pre-Launch Party

You know, IVERDRIVER was right when he said that I should publish more. I realize now that it has been a little while since my last post so here it goes. Well, don't I just have the perfect thing to post about...

Tonight my best friend and I went to the pre-launch party for the H&M Fashion Against AIDS Festival Collection. Not too long ago I posted about the collection and how excited I was to check out some of the stuff, but the launch date came and went with no sign of the line at H&M stores in Toronto. Despite the setback, I managed to RSVP to the actual pre-launch and even got my hands on the sandals I wanted. Success? With cocktail waiters offering Stella/Smirnoff and the cutest hors d'oeuvres I have ever seen, Bedouin Soundclash performing, and the satisfaction of knowing I found a pair of sandals in my size before they sold out... I'd say so.


  1. That's a sexy armful of clothes there ;) oh and cute shoes!

  2. :O why didnt i get invited for free drinks and awesome hors d'oeuvres. and trivia time, i'll bet you dont know what H&M stands for, do ya?
    Hennes & Mauritz, meaning 'hers and his'

  3. your blog is awesome, i really like your sense for fashion!
    could you send me a lookbook invitation, please? I'd love you forever! :D

  4. sorry georgie, i could only bring one person. i wanted to bring you, but you know how nicola is. also, have i ever mentioned that you never cease to amaze me with how you know lots of stuff and "doesn't afraid of anything"?

  5. i really like the yellow dress..i found a dress like that at "topshop" ( but too expensive )

    i saw your picture with the dress, that looks like the one from topshop......
    unfortunatly in germany it 's sold out !:(

    kind regards.

  6. Sounds really fun!

    I used to go to the H&M Parties in London. They were organised by British Vogue so I used to just RSVP through them.

    How do you get an invite to one in Toronto?

  7. the tiered maxi dress was really beautiful, but too long for me. it was actually white though, the photo went mad for some reason.

    and it was no big thing, just had to email and get my name on the list. i would definitely go to another one if i can, it was such a good time.

  8. Aww really nice shoes for this summer. Quite indian and western-ish.I like! Would be nice to find some similar ones here in Vienna, but such sandals aren't very pretty here.. Lucky you.

  9. -omg love those sandals that would go great with a lot of diff looks !!
    -and im feeling your blog its really interesting, I like =] !
    hope I can get an invite from yu to lookbook :


And I'll love you forever.